The Secret Deal

First, and of the utmost importance, at Skrip's Auto Body, our commitment is to our customers – not to an auto insurance company. We promise to repair vehicles correctly and assist you in the entire claims process, front-to-back, if that's the level of service you desire. At Skrip's – it's all about you, our customer.

Don't be influenced or intimidated by your Insurance Company; have your vehicle repaired at a repair shop of your choice. Connecticut law is clear – it's your car, it's your choice on where to have it repaired, NOT the Insurance Companies. Naturally, we hope you choose Skrip's Auto Body – where we've been makin' 'em straight since 78, right here in Prospect, on Rt. 68

What's "the secret deal" you ask?

Picture this: Your car gets damaged (car accident, garage door, shopping cart, acorn nut attack – whatever) and the repairs look expensive; so you call your insurance company and submit a claim. Your friendly insurance claims representative takes your information than STRONGLY suggests you bring your damaged car to their preferred auto body repair shop. They try to entice you by saying the repairs would go more quickly and smoothly by using their preferred body shop. They might even state they would even guarantee the repairs – what a great deal you think to yourself. Then you begin to wonder.. Hmm.. Why do "They" prefer one shop over another? You think there may be some "Secret Deal" between them. And how do you, the consumer benefit from it.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Have you been here before?

Well, I've got news for you - That great deal of quick service and guaranteed repairs is The Secret Deal – it's the Secret Deal auto insurers make with certain auto body shops. It's an offer you can and should refuse.

We believe we uncovered some of the truth's about the "secret deals" .

Here's how insurance companies could save money through their affiliate auto body repair network: and how it relates to your repair process.

The Insurance Company Often

  • Receives substantial savings my mandating the use of non-factory parts
    (i.e. parts for a Chevy vehicle not made by GM, but look just like it. Kind of like a knock-off Gucci handbag. On your estimate they might be listed as NON-OEM, or AFTERMARKET. This is the focus of a consumer awareness article in the September 2010 issue of Consumer Reports)
  • Receives discounts on parts from the affiliate auto body repairer
  • Receives rebates from an affiliate parts manufacturer/supplier
  • Receives discounts on paint and supplies from the affiliate auto body repairer
  • Receives rebates from affiliate glass suppliers
  • Receives rebates from affiliate rental car companies

Truth is, no auto insurance company can guarantee the repairs to your vehicle will be quicker or better if done through their affiliated repair shop than at a non-affiliated repairer – like at Skrip's Auto Body, where we have some of the best turn-around times and produce some of the highest quality repairs – want proof – read our love letters.

Skrip's Auto Body has been an advocate for the consumer since their doors opened in 1978. Owner Bob Skrip is what the industry calls an independent auto body repairer – meaning he isn't on any insurance company referral list, you see - Bob Skrip only wants to be on ONE list.. YOURS. Bob took on the concept long ago that by providing the highest quality repairs, using only original parts, exceptional customer service, and by acting as an advocate for his customer's insurance-policy-provided-rights was how he wanted to grow his business. Bob thought any auto body shop being supplied work from an auto insurer was a conflict of interest.

What an auto insurance company can guarantee; is that they will save money when you go to one of their suggested affiliate auto body repair shops.

Are these secret deals in your best interest? Of course not...Oh yeah.. And what do you get out of all this? Often an improper repair, with imitation parts, and one more thing. A rate increase may also in your future. But "hey", your insurance company saved money; does that make you feel better?

So remember this, at Skrips, there are no secret deals, just good, honest to goodness quality repairs with your safety and peace of mind as our ultimate goal.